Its almost impossible to ‘ignore’ the impact we are having on our planet. Our news feeds are full of warnings around global warming, microplastics invading oceanic life and more recently, ever increasing volumes of ‘e-waste’.

According to the Global E-waste Monitor Report 2020, over 53.6million tonnes(mt) of e-waste (Electrical and electronic equipment) was produced globally in 2019. And unfortunately this volume of waste is only projected to increase, reaching an estimated 74.7mt in 2030.

Technology has become indispensable in modern life. There is no denying that it enhances almost every aspect of our lives and it remains key to driving global economic development. However, with ever increasing consumption rates, short device life cycles and decreasing repair options, the growing volume of e-waste is increasingly something we all should be more aware of. It is reported that in 2020, screens (TV and PC) along with small IT equipment (mobile phones & laptops) contributed to around 25% of all e-waste globally.

Here at dbfb, the disposal of redundant hardware, in a secure, safe and environmentally-friendly way is of paramount importance to us. As part of our commitment to reducing our industry’s ‘footprint’, we’ve partnered with Pure Planet Recycling to offer Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling (WEEE Recycling) to all our customers.

With over 15 years of waste management recycling, Pure Planet Recycling aim to continually reduce their environmental impact. They have invested heavily in their infrastructure to ensure they achieve a very high recycling rate. Their advanced technology breaks down the waste equipment into small fragments and creates a range of reusable materials, such as copper, aluminium and various plastics that are widely recycled.

Simple, seamless and secure

We understand key to reducing e-waste is to make recycling simple, secure and hassle-free for our customers.

As part of our service, we’re able to offer a single point of contact, from the implementation of new technologies to the safe and environmentally friendly removal of redundant equipment. We arrange for all redundant equipment to be securely collected from our customers premises by uniformed and fully trained staff. All the necessary paperwork is supplied for both hazardous and non hazardous waste, detailing the collection and disposal point, as well as the required licence information.

All equipment is segregated and sorted within Pure Planet Recycling’s licensed recycling facility in Bedfordshire. Any non-hazardous equipment, that cannot be reused, is recycled using an automated UK recycling plant. Here any raw, reusable materials can be recovered, ensuring as little as possible goes to waste.

By choosing to recycle redundant equipment with us, our customers can be rest assured that they are complying with all relevant environmental legislation and their waste equipment is being disposed of safely and professionally.

Recycling services include:

  • Secure destruction of data performed by a highly trained team, the issuing of a detailed data destruction certificate upon completion and all media is 100% recycled after the data is destroyed
  • Secure Recycling of IT and telecoms equipment, such as monitors and TV’s, photocopiers and printers, hard drives / media tapes for destruction, computers, laptops and servers*
  • WEEE recycling containers – store your equipment (indoors or out) in a safe and tidy manner prior to collection
  • Office clearances


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