We’re a professional and fun team, who know our stuff!

Our people are the key to all our success, and as a business we are committed to identifying and working to everyone’s strengths. This helps us to create an atmosphere that is balanced and innovative, as well as being able to consult and communicate in order to achieve the best results.

As a part of the process to understand each other, every employee takes part in a “Strengths Assessment”. This is a personal and unique test, which we use at dbfb as a tool to better understand how we can communicate with each other to achieve success.

They help managers to lead and engage their teams and the business to best utilise our talent.  Used during all 1-2-1’s as a reminder of how best to deliver feedback and agree appropriate actions for each individual.

As an employer, it’s extremely important to us to provide a work culture and environment that are diverse, collaborative and that helps our teams thrive. Our business is built around our 4 pillars of success: People, Platforms, Service and Solutions.

All our employees display and are measured on our core standards of behaviour. Together we are:

  • Customer focused
  • Accountable
  • Commercially aware
  • Team players
  • Innovative

As well as our core values, our employee centric approach ensures that each and every employee is treated as an individual, with their own unique requirements.

An employee centric approach

With regular reviews and an open and honest approach, we look after each individual based on their unique strengths and needs. Our clearly defined metrics, personal development plans and regular 1-2-1’s provide a clear benchmark of what success looks like for their specific roles, and gives everyone an opportunity to develop, be heard and succeed.

  • 1-2-1's

    Alongside reviewing the metrics, 121s are organised meetings for employees and managers to address any recent challenges and work out solutions, as well as celebrating success and achievements.

    They are also documented, so there is a record which can be reflected and learned upon. 121s are also an opportunity to pull out any longer-term development needs and aspirations.

  • Personal development plans

    These are a more detailed pathway for an individual’s career progression. Some may have yearly plans of what needs to be achieved and some may be over a longer term based on experience required and accreditations/certifications completed. These plans are both beneficial for staff and dbfb, and they detail a number of aspects like commitment, cost and expectations. Progress of PDPs will be reviewed at the 121s, but the plan format will be specific to each business area and individual.  Not everyone has to have a PDP, but everyone has the opportunity to work through one with their line manager.

    All of these approaches ensure that each employee is treated as an individual with their own unique requirements.  It will also set clear benchmarks of success and a give everyone an opportunity to develop, be heard and succeed.

  • Metrics

    These are clear and measurable indicators of what ‘good’ looks like, reviewed regularly at 121s to assess whether they have been achieved, and if not, find out why.

    This way we can make sure that appropriate actions can be taken to fix this.  These specific KPIs are in place for each role as they will deliver the business growth objectives that are shared with staff regularly and deliver the expected profits that are shared with our employees.

  • Good Business Charter

    By participating in the Charter, we showcase our dedication to creating a positive workplace and contributing to a broader movement for ethical conduct. Our membership underscores our ongoing commitment to sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility, reinforcing our belief that business success should be synonymous with a positive impact on the community and the world.

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