Making your money go further.

We provide you with a range of options to make your money go further. From spreading your costs with a fixed monthly fee, to buying equipment outright or leasing it, or simply opting for a sim only plan, the choice is yours.

With the spec and prices of laptops, handsets and tablets growing each year, we understand that it can be tricky choosing the right hardware for your business. So we offer you a range of options to make your money stretch further. Our flexible payment plans ensure that you’re within your budget yet still enjoy the latest models and hardware to keep your business at the top of its game!


Flexible payment options

Line rental finance: If you want to bundle services and hardware into one cost per user, this is the plan for you. We deliver the hardware upfront, and you can spread the cost as a fixed monthly fee over the course of your contract. Once your initial period ends, the equipment is yours to keep.

CAPEX (capital expenditure): If you’re looking for a reduced cost of ownership, that’s a better price overall, then you can buy your hardware outright and take a SIM only plan. The hardware is yours from day one, and we deliver the very best price for your airtime.

Lease RV (residual value): If you refresh your hardware every one or two years and always want the latest model, this plan is for you. We guarantee a residual value on your devices, you choose your term, and we make the costs simple and easy to budget. At the end of your agreement, just return your existing hardware and upgrade to the latest model. Depending on your accounting policies, this could be 100% allowable against pre-tax profits.


  • Online portal

    Make the most of simpler billing with our industry leading customer portal. Delivering at-your-fingertips access to all your mobile networks on one portal, with one contract and one invoice.

  • Samsung for business

    Samsung offers complete protection for your business across both hardware and software, giving you the confidence to take your business wherever you need to go.

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    Keep ahead of the game with news, information, how-to-guides and more from our experts.

Just wanted to say how well our ‘new’ phone system is working. It's totally revolutionised how we work and it is so easy to navigate. Even if we run into problems the Delight team are there with a quick and helpful response.

Claire, Senior Administrator
Community Law Service