Data Base for Business Ltd (dbfb) are one of the UK’s leading business communications providers, specialising in connectivity, telephony and IT solutions. 

With a 25-year legacy, we play a crucial role in ensuring seamless and secure communication across diverse organisations and sectors. Our experience and understanding of the demand in delivering more within lean budgets aligns with the unique standards of the government, ensuring reliability, data privacy and efficient connectivity. 

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) supports the public sector to gain the greatest commercial value when buying goods and common goods and services. Data Base for Business Ltd (dbfb) have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Network Services 3 framework, including:

  • RM6116 Lot 1a – Inter Site Connectivity (Wider Area Network) / Data Access Services

  • RM6116 Lot 4a – Analogue Telephony 

  • RM6116 4b – Digital Communication Services (Unified Communications) 


About Crown Commercial Services (CCS)

CCS assists the public sector with buying common products and services at the highest possible economic value. CCS assisted the public sector in 2022–2023 in achieving commercial gains totalling £3.8 billion, a significant increase on 2019-20 where more than £1 billion in commercial advantages were realised, thereby promoting top-tier public services that provide the best value for taxpayers.


dbfb wifi image
Why public sector and dbfb are a match made in heaven
  • We’re an agile service provider, with the ability to adapt fast
  • We prioritise security, that’s why we’re Cyber Essentials Plus & ISO certified 
  • Our community and impact on the environment matter to us
  • We give you the freedom of choice with technology 
  • We operate without bureaucracy – we make things happen

We are proud to be included on the Crown Commercial Services Network 3 framework. Our inclusion in this framework, spanning across multiple lots (1a, 4a and 4b), enables us to collaborate more strategically with public sector customers. No longer having to navigate different suppliers and frameworks for various solutions, our presence on Network Services 3 simplifies the procurement process for our customers and ultimately ensures they achieve the best value for their investments. 


Sam Lee
Sales Director, dbfb (Database for Business)
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