The coming year may hold several surprises for any business, and therefore never have predictable monthly costs been so important.

When looking for predictable monthly costs, it’s vitally important to understand the full cost of the contract. Headline rates and line rentals always look attractive, but according to research from Citizens Advice (2018), 4 million people in the UK have been charged for mobiles they already own, which translates to a staggering total of £490 million extra on their latest contracts. Before committing to a mobile deal, so be sure to check the small print.

There are 4 ways to source a mobile contract: –

Direct to Network

By going direct to the network, you don’t necessarily get the best solution for your business.  Very little is fixed in business and flexibility is key.  You are tied into a 24-month contract, and when buying new handsets, you end up with a wide array of different contract end dates and a range of different tariffs. If your business reduces the number of staff, your tariff stays the same. There is little flexibility to reduce costs.

Third Party Reseller

A reseller can provide lower-cost handsets from a network, but your mobile contract is supplied direct from the network provider; this means your terms are broadly similar if you had purchased direct.  Your support however, is provided via the reseller. If you have a problem with the signal, you are locked into one network and if your bill isn’t quite right and you’d like to query it, you could expect up to 10 business days before receiving an answer.

MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Sky, Tesco & Giff Gaff are MVNO’s and piggyback off the networks. Deals are cheap, however, there can be a compromise on service as you will be one of millions of subscribers.  The experience for the end-user is very much like when using the networks direct; a small fish in an exceptionally large consumer-focused pond.

dbfb – The Difference

A partnership with dbfb offers you unrivalled flexibility and the opportunity to make sure that your mobile plan works for you. You can scale up and down the number of connections you require on a monthly basis. We also offer the choice of network to your end-users without any compromise on service or economies of scale. You benefit from a single contract to negotiate, a single invoice and one supplier that you trust.

Our voice services are delivered to you with unlimited calls and text messages for an easy to budget price per user. You don’t contract to the network directly and therefore should you wish to change network with dbfb, you can do so with no termination fees & minimal fuss.

Our wholesale agreement and in-house billing platform enable dbfb to create totally unique and bespoke tariffs for our customers.  The demand for 3G, 4G and soon to be 5G services is at an all-time high. Our plans range from 250Mb to unlimited individual allowances, or if you have lots of mobile phones, you could benefit from a shared plan or pay-as-you-use data.

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