Easy to use, hard to break.

For years, Rugged devices have been a go-to for many industries, letting frontline workers tackle tough conditions head-on. But let’s face it—they’ve been stuck in their own little world. Known for specific needs, durability, and security, they’ve often been clunky, pricey, and limited in function.

On the flip side, some businesses have opted for consumer devices, drawn to their stellar performance, wide range of features, and quick advancements. Sure, they’re stylish, but they’re also prone to damage and failures.

So, why the divide? Can’t we just have a better choice for businesses? Whether you’re a rugged veteran or have steered clear, it’s time for a business mobility glow-up.

Why choose Rugged devices?

Samsung Rugged devices seamlessly blend functionality, power, and price—with the durability and security your team crave. It’s more than a mash-up; it’s a frontline revolution, giving workers the power to achieve more than ever before. Ready to join the movement?

Durability: Rugged devices are built to an international standard rating of IP6810 and the highest military standard for survivability and endurance, MIL-STD-810G.11 That means they can withstand anything you throw at them, from drops and shocks to dust and dirt, and even submersion up to 1.5m for up to 30 mins.

Design: Rugged devices used to be the chunky and clunky outcasts, but not anymore. The latest gen, like the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, ditches the bulk without compromising on performance. These devices bring the sleekness and user-friendly vibes you’d find in consumer options. Plus, they come with a whole squad of rugged accessories – cases, docks, mounts, chargers, and keyboards – to keep things versatile.

Sensitivity: Say goodbye to hassles with rugged devices. Built to handle both gloved and wet touches, your team can power through without missing a beat. Plus, the high-resolution screens guarantee crystal-clear information, delivering an optimal viewing experience no matter the conditions.

Value: Rugged devices used to be pricier, but that gap is narrowing fast. Yet, with their extended lifespan and replaceable batteries, rugged devices are a smarter long-term investment.

Built for your frontline team.

Galaxy XCover6 Pro keeps your team agile. It withstands drops and spills, and its moisture-resistant screen is responsive to wet gloves.1 Swap the long-lasting battery for a fresh one. Turn the phone into a scanner, walkie talkie or whatever your business needs with a customizable Active Key.

Connect with convenience, indoors and out.

Designed for durability, Galaxy XCover 5 is ready to go wherever life takes you. The XCover key adds convenience at a press, like easily turning on the LED Torchlight, or you can customise it to access your frequently used apps.

More than tough enough!

Work in even the harshest environments, without worrying about your device getting damaged. IP68 and MIL-STD 810H compliant, means this device can withstand splashes, dust, drops and even extreme temperatures.

Built strong from the inside out.

Have complete peace of mind with rugged water and dust resistance, 1.5m drop resistance with inbox cover and a replaceable battery. Then get more done with Samsung DeX and enhanced NFC for productivity. And with touch sensitivity settings, an Active key and S Pen, you can get to work with gloves on.

  • Rugged in construction

    Construction used to avoid tech like the plague, blaming the rough job conditions and pricey rugged devices that didn't quite cut it. But times are changing. With supply chain headaches, shaky staff levels, and economic jitters, the construction crew is getting a tech makeover. A whopping 81% of UK construction folks are gearing up to pimp their businesses digitally in the next year, and we've got the tools.

    Today's gadgets laugh in the face of dirt and tough days. They're tough, with anti-shock designs and dust-resistant features. But it's not just about toughness – these tools turn your crew into superheroes. No more silos and broken telephone games. Crews on the 26th floor troubleshoot instantly using rugged tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro. They check plans or hit up video calls for quick solutions.

    Here's the kicker – your investment pays off big time. Rugged devices walk the walk with replaceable batteries and hardcore durability, giving you more bang for your buck while your team's productivity skyrockets. Time to ditch the digital dark ages!

  • Rugged in healthcare

    The NHS has been drowning in paperwork forever, but they've got a digital glow-up on the horizon as part of their Long Term Plan by 2024. Imagine a world where your doctor can be reached in a heartbeat, pull up patient records with a snap, and say goodbye to mind-numbing data entry.

    But hold on – in the chaos of a medical hustle, gear takes a beating, and we can't have devices going rogue during a life-or-death moment. Enter rugged devices – they can handle drops and water like it's no big deal. Their batteries outlast the longest shifts, and they're even touch-screen-friendly with gloves on. And let's talk security. In 2019, 15% of breaches had healthcare organisations sweating. So, when it comes to your medical records, it's defence-grade security or bust. Choose devices that stand guard, and both the heroes in scrubs and their patients can rest easy knowing their data is Fort Knox secure.

  • Rugged in Government

    The Government's been on a tech glow-up mission for three years, dreaming of seamless services that link up the whole shebang. Now, picture this: emergency services on the frontline getting a major upgrade. But hold up – for cops in the thick of it, regular devices won't cut it. They need gadgets that can handle car chases, disasters, and the aftermath of chaos. Enter the new rugged devices – tough as nails but sleeker and lighter so officers can rock them through a whole shift.

    These bad boys aren't just durable; they've got brains too. Imagine officers rolling up to a scene, whipping out a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro with its slick 25MP and 8MP dual camera. Boom – photos, statements, and a quick database scan to find missing persons. And get this – no more radio dispatch drama. Push-to-talk and emergency alerts are on speed dial.

    But wait, there's more – data security. Cops handle sensitive stuff daily, so their devices need to be Fort Knox secure. Samsung's got them covered with Knox, encrypting data so hackers can't mess with it on the go. That's why 42 out of 43 UK police forces swear by Samsung devices. Safe, sleek, and ready for action!

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