Why the way we deliver service won’t change. 

It isn’t surprising that in a world of technology and automation, customer satisfaction levels are dropping. While for many companies, complete self-service and automating customer service works for the products and services they sell, if something is broken within the process it can completely dissatisfy the end-user. And in some cases, it can prevent a prospect from purchasing or result in a customer leaving completely.


Sometimes, you simply need to resolve a problem with a real person.

The telecommunications industry is competitive, there are some huge players in the game, so why are customer satisfaction levels so low within the industry?

  • Fast turnaround of products. Some products purchased are ‘low value’ – but no matter what the purchase is, every customer is important.
  • Complex product offering. Companies sell many products and services (us being one of them), are staff being invested in delivering the quality of service expected by the customer?
  • Customer expectations. With mobile phones, the internet and other digital technologies being integrated into everyday life, customers have high expectations of telecommunication providers – and so they should.


So why do we have 97.8% customer satisfaction rate?

  • Hiring a team that cares and treating them well. We know Customer Service is one of the hardest roles in a business. We hire good people, who listen and want to go the extra mile for our customers.
  • Training the team to be product knowledgeable. Our team know their ‘stuff’ and that’s because we invest in their training and development, and they are the sort of team who are willing and excited to keep learning.
  • Offering the customer contact options. Every customer is different. We’ve all had an experience with a business where we have been sent on a self-service frenzy. Only to get sent to an automated live chat and still not be provided with contact information to reach and speak with a ‘human’. We give our customers options, so no matter how the customer wants to contact us – they can do it on their terms.
  • Always having a Customer Service Representative at the end of the phone. We will always have a real person at the end of the phone. We’re on a growth mission, but our service delivery will never change – we will always lead with technology and people – they will never be solo in our eyes.


Colin Beckley, dbfb’s Service Director, says:
“Our relentless focus on the customer has been the driving force behind our service team and the entire business. With the right people and training, we’ve set ourselves apart from the rest. We are proud to maintain the highest standards, and our commitment shows in the numbers with a 98.7% customer satisfaction rate. In an industry where mediocrity is accepted too quickly, we continually elevate our standards. By recruiting top talent and providing continual training, our customers consistently receive the highest level of service as standard.”