In 2016, dbfb proudly introduced CityFibre to Milton Keynes. At that time, it was the third worst connected city in the UK and in desperate need of investment. Now, just four years on, our partnership with one of the UK’s leading providers of wholesale connectivity has facilitated £80 million of inward investment into both Milton Keynes and neighbouring Northampton, connecting more than 170 businesses to date.

An ultra- fast, reliable and secure internet connection has become increasingly important to everyone’s day to day working lives, enabling us all to communicate effectively, promote business growth and provide a better service to customers. Working with CityFibre enables dbfb to offer businesses across the UK access to a world-class fibre network.

With an appreciation for how business-critical a full-fibre network is in today’s world, dbfb have been pioneering full-fibre ever since it took the decision to launch CityFibre in Northampton and Milton Keynes. A carefully designed 24/7 monitoring facility is also in place, to ensure the best possible service levels, with real-time data analysis, performance and service availability.

Pete Winkleman, Chairman of MK Dons, who was one of the first to reap the benefits of full-fibre connectivity in Milton Keynes explains: “A lot of businesses now have the chance to tap into ultra-fast and reliable connectivity, at an affordable price.

“The benefits of full-fibre to businesses is clear, enhancing the ways they operate day to day using their own systems and so that they can connect better with their customers. This is today’s technology and it is where Milton Keynes needed to be.”

Simon Pickering, Managing Director at dbfb Communications tells us, “We often get asked by businesses what is full fibre? Because my current provider tells us we’re on a fibre connection, but it’s not particularly fast or reliable! The term “fibre” is widely used and often misleads customers in terms of what they expect versus what is delivered. Many internet service providers describe their service as fibre but will be relying on the copper installation at a business premises for the final leg of the journey.

“CityFibre only invest in full-fibre, which means fibre at every point in the network. With no reliance on Victorian-age copper infrastructure, your business benefits from ultra-fast speeds of up to 1Gbps with optimum performance and reliability.”

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