Industry: Insurance 
Solution: Business mobiles
Location: Milton Keynes 


Our customer

NHBC is the UK’s leading independent provider of warranty and insurance for new-build homes. With around 1,300 members of staff, they required an efficient way of communicating both internally and externally.


After being disappointed with a previous supplier of their mobile phones, and with the contract coming to an end, NHBC chose dbfb as their enterprise mobility partner. This was based on the level of service dbfb could provide compared to the previous large corporate supplier. 


NHBC has a large number of staff who use a mobile phone to operate their day-to-day duties. Their existing mobile provider’s signal wasn’t up to scratch, with many of the team unable to make and receive calls. After trying to resolve the issue, the only option was to use Wi-Fi calling, which wasn’t an ideal solution as the reliance would be on their internet connection rather than the mobile network. In order to resolve this, they had to open another plan with a second mobile provider, leading to more admin with multiple contracts and bills.

As with all businesses, employees leave, and new people join. As part of the contract, NHBC were provided with 50 sims that could be upgraded, however as a growing business they needed more. After 6 months of trying, they were finally provided some sims, but fewer than they require which impacted the team’s productivity and disrupted business processes. A lack of support from the supplier’s account managers, made issues difficult to be resolved.


NHBC decided that this way of working wasn’t right for their business, and after going to tender they chose dbfb to be their new supplier. Their decision was based on the helpdesk and customer service offering dbfb could provide. dbfb evaluated NHBC’s challenges and provided them with 880 mobiles voice only and 550 mobiles data only. With the ability to use multiple network providers, the call connection issues NHBC’s team were experiencing were resolved immediately.

NHBC can now manage all of their connections in one centralised place through dbfb’s online billing platform – meaning no more juggling multiple contracts, greater control over high call and data users with cost-saving alerting and simple cost centre management. Having one contract, with just one invoice has delivered additional process efficiencies, saving valuable time for the NHBC team. dbfb also provided their team members with multiple tariffs enabling NHBC team members to receive a cost effective and high-quality service based on their individual usage requirements – reducing costs and maximising productivity.

Key benefits
  Increased productivity with improved call connections.
       Simpler billing, all 4 UK networks billed through 1 online portal.
       Monthly contract reviews help monitor usage and spend, and ensure business requirements are met.



dbfb provided NHBC with the mobile and data service they needed to operate their growing business smoothly. Poor call connections, as well as dealing with multiple providers to resolve the issue are now a thing of the past. Replaced with a multi-network mobility partner, with contractual flexibility, single source mobile management and billing, has meant NHBC can relax knowing everything is taken care of.

“I can’t fault the service dbfb provides. Our calls are always answered, emails always replied to and issues always resolved quickly. Working with such a great customer service team is a breath of fresh air, saves us as a business time, and results in a much happier experience!”
Vicky Page, Senior IT Service Support and Projects – NHBC


Resolving issues no longer takes time. The reliable customer service helpdesk and centralised billing platform, results in any issues or queries being resolved quickly and efficiently. Greater cost control has been achieved, with our regular real-time billing, meaning no need to wait for an end of the month bill-shock. Teams at NHBC can now communicate efficiently as they now have a reliable mobile connection, but also new processes to save time and money.