Industry: Food
Solution: Ultrafast FTTP connectivity, business mobiles and telephony 
Location: Milton Keynes 


Our customer

Brioche Pasquier, is a French family bakery, founded in 1936. It’s evolved into an international business, operating in over 35 countries, selling its products commercially.


They have been a customer of dbfb’s for over 5 years and have mobile, connectivity and telephony solutions with us. With the support of dbfb, Brioche Pasquier were able to move from an analogue phone system to the cloud, transforming the way their business communicates, enabling savings on costs and maintenance, plus introduce real flexibility.


With Brioche Pasquier continuing to grow, they needed a way to operate and communicate more efficiently. A reliable solution was a must, one that could easily connect to other systems and enable teams to work effectively from wherever they are. Additionally, with the ISDN and PTSN switch off coming in 2025, with services unable to be bought from 2023, it was another reason to think about moving their services to the cloud. It was a good time to revaluate their analogue telephony system, but to also audit what it was connecting to and how they could make their systems and technology not just function together, but work together. They therefore decided now was a good time to move their services to the cloud.


Brioche Pasquier sought advice from dbfb and following a consultation from one of our technology specialists, they fully understood the benefits and decided to switch from their existing analogue system to VoIP. The new VoIP system not only enables employees to take their ‘desk phone home’, but also to operate physical equipment on site while being remote. Their previous analogue phone server needed to be managed on site and meant physical presence was required to take calls and open gates etc.

Key benefits
Future-proof, it grows with the business
    Cost-effective, no more spending on equipment
     Flexibility enables teams to work from anywhere



dbfb assisted Brioche Pasquier in overcoming a number of technical hurdles to ensure the transition from their existing analogue phone system to a new cloud telephony solution. The reduced maintenance, installation time and trouble-shooting has significantly reduced costs for the company.

On top of the reduction in costs, VoIP now provides them with a wider range of functionalities and capabilities. The flexibility of VoIP means that the system can grow as the business does and won’t hold them back. Plus, teams can work from wherever they are, including in the factory using WiFi.