For bigger, multi-site businesses, SD-WAN brings huge benefits.

SD-WAN it’s much cheaper and simpler than the legacy system (called MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching). It can be run with a relatively light touch, and it adapts well to constantly shifting bandwidth needs and connectivity to cloud applications and we can also offer you a choice of providers.

SD-WAN offers a host of benefits and features including:

Simple on-site delivery: Expedite delivery with simple internet access and zero-touch provisioning. SD-WAN can have your sites operational in a matter of weeks, not months.

Overlay network: SD-WAN can act as an overlay network. This means you don’t have to install newly provisioned connectivity; SD-WAN can sit happily overlay your current services network.

Inclusive feature set: As a cloud-based service, SD-WAN gives you a full feature set including Wi-Fi, firewall, and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, all-in-one.

Inbuilt resilience: SD-WAN gives you a secure connection, a massively reduced risk of downtime and is easily updated. It connects with your standard broadband and dynamically chooses the best route for your data to travel, bringing the very best and most reliable connectivity and performance for your business. What’s more, SD-WAN can work with multiple providers (including BT, TalkTalk Business Broadband, Virgin, CityFibre, Glide, O2, Vodafone and EE) and with a mixture of technologies (including 4G and 5G, dedicated internet access and fibre).

Customer control: Full control can be provided through a central, cloud-based portal, bringing you enhanced visibility and performance.

No geographical boundaries: Wherever there’s internet, there can be SD-WAN.

Eco-friendly: SD-WAN makes the best use of resources, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Secure: SD-WAN includes powerful end-to-end encryption across the entire network. That means you can share confidential data in minutes, rather than days, without compromising your ability to prioritise traffic. A Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism will still control the flow of web traffic and give priority to specific applications, for optimum performance.


The key thing that stood out compares to other customers service, was the support mixed with the technical. Rather than just staying programmed to third-party protocols or reading a script – Shannon considered my approach and suggested a solution. Top marks!

David Jacob