At dbfb, we’ve had an exciting new start to our marketing and brand design! Up until now, our small (but mighty!) marketing team have been creating our own brand content without an agency, but up until recently it started to become clear that we needed some more hands with our marketing material! We began the search for an agency that we could team up with for our wide range of materials, from video to artwork.

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with All Things Business at dbfb, and since their recent merge with Rocket creative agency to form GIANT, we knew that they would be the perfect match for us. They are a creative and agile team who pride themselves on understanding the needs of clients and turning projects around swiftly.

dbfb and GIANT are passionate about supporting local business and we both believe strongly in working with the communities in the surround areas and the different businesses within them.

Our Head of Marketing, Emma Mullings, says “It wasn’t a hard decision to make when it came to choosing GIANT as our agency. They have a creative and agile team, who work and think in the same way we do at dbfb. On top of all this, they are right on our doorstep, which is what we also aim for when choosing our partnerships.”