Clarity around our commitment

dbfb is a proven communications business, with customers throughout the UK and a personality that sets us apart. We’re agile, responsive and we have evolved into an integrated solutions provider that can meet all of your business’ technology needs. We continue to grow, with offices in Northampton and in Milton Keynes. Above all – and, perhaps, most importantly of all – we’re good people to work with.

Simon and Brian

Back to the Future

At the heart of dbfb are our people. Our team has extensive experience in understanding customers, guiding them through the digital revolution and providing solutions and services that make a difference. Listen to dbfb owners, Brian and Simon, describe their vision for communications in the future:

Our customers

We have developed and continue to nurture long standing relationships with some of the industry’s leading networks and technology houses. We take the time to get to know our customers, their requirements – both today and tomorrow – and to introduce proven technology to help their business grow. Our approach is to work with the networks, allowing them to focus on coverage and performance while dbfb acts as your managed service partner, focusing on customer service and innovation. Listen to what some of our customers say about us.

Our Customers

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