We know there’s a host of information out there when it comes to switching to VoIP (hosted telephone systems), so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand the facts and benefits of switching now ahead of the ISDN switch off. 

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  • What is a cloud-based VoIP phone system?

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables you to make calls over the internet instead of over the traditional phone network.

    A cloud-based phone system means your call routing takes place in a secure data centre, instead of hardware installed on your premises, which will save costs in the long run.

  • Is a cloud-based phone system secure?

    Yes. To ensure that protective measures are effective, VoIP provides employ independent CREST and CHECK registered penetration consultants to carry out extensive tests. These tests are conducted on a scheduled basis and when any major change, or upgrade has taken place in their network or services.

    Any vulnerabilities discovered are assessed for impact and likelihood, and then remediated accordingly. The testing is under constant review to ensure it is fully addressing new threats as and when they arise.

    All VoIP providers are ISO27001 certified.

  • Is a cloud-based VoIP phone system reliable?

    VoIP reliability is determined by the internet connections at both the user and the supplier end.  VoIP providers have 99.99999% uptime, as they utilise high availability networks, based in diverse locations.  At a user level, VoIP has built in business continuity, so even if your internet goes down, calls can be rerouted automatically.

  • What are the benefits of VoIP?

    There many benefits with moving to the cloud with VoIP. From lower upfront and call costs, fixed monthly pricing/subscriptions, no maintenance, scalable (unlimited users, so it can grow with your business), automatic updates – plus it’s secure and reliable!

  • Can I work remotely?

    Yes, With VoIP, a PC or mobile client is included, so your team can work from anywhere and at any time.

  • Can I use my existing telephones?

    It depends. If your phones are IP based, then possibly. During your consultation with our specialists, they can advise you on what is possible. If you really want to keep your analogue handsets, we can utilise adapters. However, on premise digital handsets cannot be used on a VoIP system. But don’t worry, with VoIP we can provide you with new hardware to get you up and running fast.

  • Can I port my numbers?

    Yes. This is no problem, and you can have any geographic telephone number you need.

  • Can I dial internationally?


  • How fast can I be set up?

    In most cases you can be set up within a few weeks, this is usually dependant on the numbers required to port and the type of connectivity your VoIP solution will run on.  

  • Can I use my own connectivity?

    Yes.  We can help get you ready, this includes looking at your firewalls to enable them to work with your VoIP system whilst keeping them secure.

  • How many calls can I make simultaneously?

    With VoIP, you will be using your connectivity bandwidth, not a set number of channels. Most internet connections these days will allow multiple call connections, however, our specialists will advise if there is a need to upgrade bandwidth to match call volume requirements.

  • Will my fax machine and analogue device work with VoIP?

    With any analogue device, it’s dependent on the device and how it could connect to a VoIP system. Analogue adapters are available to allow most of these devices to connect.  

    Our specialists can discuss your options with you and could include upgrading or converting analogue devices to a more modern IP based solution.  

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