What you need to know and more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software enables you to control and keep your mobile devices secure. Learn more about MDM and what it can do for your business. 

Secure content management: If your users need safe and secure access to documents, data and files—from anywhere, at any time—then we can equip you with a secure content management solution that lets your users access what they need, without compromising your security.

Universal operating system support: From the legacy devices of yesterday, to the IoT endpoints of the future, we can install MDM software on any device, form factor or operating system, from Google Android, Apple iOS and macOS, right through to Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Application management: We call mobile applications the heavy lifters of business mobility, because they play such a pivotal role. MDM software makes it easy to manage applications on a whole collection of devices, even if your business uses multiple operating systems. Packages and profiles guarantee that the right versions, of the right apps, are installed for the right people.

Express enrolment & provisioning: Of course, you need to get your users’ mobile devices up and running as fast as possible. That’s why we offer rapid enrolment and provisioning through a range of device dependant software, including SOTI Stage, Apple DEP, Android Zero-Touch Enrolment, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow.

Advanced IoT management: The billions of devices and endpoints that form the Internet of Things demand a new approach to security and management. SOTI MobiControl is the industry’s first management solution for Linux-based mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints.

Flexible deployments: With more mobile devices than ever before, the ability to manage and support multiple device policies and deployment scenarios is vital. You can manage and support any deployment scenario with SOTI MobiControl, including: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Corporately Owned, Business Only (COBO), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) and Corporately Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE).

Custom branding: Customise your browser with logos and colour schemes to suit your brand. This is particularly useful for restricted Kiosk Mode apps, like interactive restaurant menus and information screens.

Reduce mobile downtime: Increase efficiency with integrated productivity tools and remote support features, designed specifically to reduce downtime. With features like remote view/control, file sync and two-way chat, you can fix device and app problems quickly, and remotely.

Device, data security and data control: By controlling what can be installed on a device—using authentication, password and encryption features—you can prevent rogue apps and malware from infecting your system, and reduce your data consumption.