Industry: Sport
Solution: Connectivity, mobiles and telephony
Location: Northampton
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Northamptonshire County Cricket Club (NCCC) has been an integral part of Northamptonshire’s sporting heritage since its founding in 1878.


As one of the eighteen county cricket clubs in England and Wales, NCCC plays a significant role in the local community, offering a venue for various sporting events, concerts, and cultural gatherings.

The club’s iconic County Ground, with a seating capacity of 6,500, is not just a sports arena but a bustling hub of activity year-round. Hosting numerous county and international cricket matches, corporate events, and community functions, NCCC welcomes thousands of visitors annually, making seamless communication and connectivity crucial for its operations and future growth.


Despite its storied history and modern ambitions, NCCC faced several critical communication challenges that hampered operations and visitor experience. The existing broadband setup was slow and frequently unreliable, impacting everything from spectator enjoyment to vendor transactions, and staff communications. Additionally, the old PSTN phone system was inadequate, limiting employees’ communication across the ground and with external stakeholders. Furthermore, managing 25 business mobiles across different networks had become a logistical nightmare. Poor connectivity affected productivity, complicated vendor coordination, and hindered the club’s ability to live-stream matches, limiting its digital presence and revenue opportunities.


dbfb provided a comprehensive solution to overhaul NCCC’s communication systems. They transitioned the club from three unreliable FTTC lines to one leased line, dramatically improving internet reliability and speed. This upgrade enhanced the visitor experience and increased back-office productivity with a stable connection for all operations. Additionally, dbfb consolidated all 25 business mobiles into a single contract, simplifying management and billing. The ZOEY platform allowed real-time tracking of data usage across all devices, preventing unexpected costs and improving financial oversight. Migrating to a cloud phone system enabled seamless call forwarding, allowing efficient communication on-site and off-site. The enhanced broadband further bolstered system reliability, ensuring all aspects of the club’s operations ran smoothly.

Key benefits
     Faster connection, keeping visitors happy
     One contract, makes mobile billing easy
     Cost efficient, supporting business profits      
     Stress-free, dbfb manage the services

The implementation of dbfb’s solutions yielded significant benefits for NCCC. Over 40% in operational cost savings were achieved due to streamlined communications and improved efficiency. The new leased line provided a stable and high-speed internet connection, crucial for hosting events and live-streaming matches without interruptions. Consolidating all business mobiles into one contract simplified billing and management, with real-time usage updates ensuring accurate tracking.

dbfb have streamlined our communications, hugely improving the operation of the Club”.
Daniel Vernon, Commercial Director, NCCC

A reliable internet connection also facilitated the shift to a cashless venue, greatly improving the match day experience for both vendors and visitors by ensuring swift and secure transactions. Additionally, the cloud phone system ensured smooth internal and external communications, essential for efficiently managing unpredictable match and event days, thereby enhancing overall operational performance.