Our Approach

We work with customers to understand their business goals. We operate by challenging the way you work with the technology available. Then we recommend fit-for-purpose solutions that are perfect for today and future-proofed for tomorrow. Our expertise is accessible, our people are available and our approach is designed to give every customer the time, support and help they need.

Clarity around implementation

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to customers, understand your needs and develop the right solution for you, your employees – and your budget. Here’s how we do it.



The journey starts here. Before we can create something meaningful, we need to get to know you and your needs. Our approach is to spend time within your business to understand your challenges, aspirations, people, processes and infrastructure. By doing this, we then have the knowledge to guide you through technology decisions, challenge thought processes around how you communicate and recommend managed services that can help your business grow.

Design DBFB


We begin with an introductory meeting, our preference is face to face to allow our team to get to know you. We’ll set an agenda in advance and then look to you to involve all the right people. We hit the ground running and maintain pace, so we’ll also put together a clear Prince2 migration methodology to ensure a smooth and on-budget transition to your new service. The size of dbfb allows us the luxury to offer a certain level of flexibility with our migration approach. We challenge our customers to design & agree with us an implementation plan that suits their people and their business.

Design DBFB


At this stage, you can sit back, relax and let dbfb take control. We’ll carry out the project as agreed in the Design Phase, providing regular updates and reports. It will be clear, transparent and on-plan –  any changes or developments will be clearly communicated to you by your assigned project team.



From here on, your Customer Experience Manager will be your single point of contact for everything you need. Whether your query is related to billing, technical, new handsets or additional products and services, they will be on hand to help. We provide you with a direct dial, a mobile and an email address to give you the choice in how you communicate with them. We’ll meet with you when you need to see us – monthly, quarterly or yearly, the choice is yours.  Our aim is to bring personality, clarity and responsiveness to every customer relationship. Even our single invoices are designed to be clear, concise and refreshingly simple.