Since COVID-19, there have been many changes to current working patterns, and the way in which companies operate. This has resulted in employees feeling like they aren’t fully trained in new work demands, or businesses feel as though they aren’t maximising the potential of new technology. As a business and an employee, it can be a lot to keep up with.

This is why we are a partner of Digital Future First (DFF), helping the region bounce back by providing SME businesses with information and access to a range of ESF funded and part-funded programmes.

DFF, which is part funded by the European Social Fund, provides access to Small Business Grants UK 2021 and works with employers such as us to identify where they can improve skills within the workplace. They also demonstrate ways of benefitting the business through supporting flexible learning and delivery models, including on-site training or via online learning platforms and modules.

Working alongside stakeholders such as us, DFF help to support initiatives within SEMLEP (The South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership). They increase the understanding on the importance of existing initiatives, and create opportunities such as work experience, apprenticeships, and graduate schemes. It’s all about creating new opportunities and encouraging new starters to succeed and grow in the workplace.

As well as creating job opportunities, DFF also provide advisory services on government funding and training. Employers may need some improvement on training programmes, such as professional qualifications which are specific to sectors, and these programmes help employees to become trained and skilled to the best of their ability.

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