Don’t let snow days, snow your business under.

March 2018

As we all know, kids love and treasure snow days. Not only is it a day off school, but there are forts to be built, snow men to be created, snow angels to make, and snowball fights to be won.

However, for grownups, snow days are far less inspiring. The ‘Beast from the East’ that we are currently experiencing has seen majority of the UK’s businesses suggesting their employees stay home or encourage home working. One week of particularly bad weather in 2013 was estimated to have cost the UK over £318 million (and 51 million working hours) so if this is some of the ‘worst weather we’ve had on record’ in the country, it puts this week into perspective.

Unfortunately, the work that employees cannot tackle does not disappear (or melt away, pardon the pun!). However, it piles up, and up, and up – which is not only seriously stressful for employees to think about, but creates a backlog that can take a while to clear.

Most employers – and probably all of those that want to be a “workplace of choice” – will put their employee’s health and welfare first, and encourage home working where possible (I am currently at home writing this, Thanks Boss!).

However, employers of all sizes – including small businesses – do not have to be at the mercy of snow, and employees do not have to dread the stress and backlog of work that snow days inevitably cause. Instead, they can take advantage of services such as VoIP Systems, Cloud Services and Video Conferencing Systems. dbfb can provide your business all of these services, so that your employees can still work from home; access all of their documents, take all of their calls and virtually attend their meetings!

Benefits of Business VoIP:

  • Call Forwarding: Incoming calls can be easily transferred from the IP desktop phone to an employee’s device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Call Transfer: Businesses can transfer all calls to another location.
  • Auto-Attendant: Incoming callers can be informed via auto-attendant that staffing levels are low due to the severe weather, and advised accordingly to manage their expectations.
  • Web Conferencing: Through their device or desktop at home, employees can engage in web conferencing calls with colleagues or customers.

 Benefits of Cloud Services:

  • Remote Access to Files: Allow your employees remote access to all of their files
  • Remote Access to Apps: Enable your staff with access to all applications they need to do their job from home.
  • Complete flexibility: Employees can Access their Files and Apps from anywhere (even while out sledging with the kids) giving complete flexibility and scalability.

Benefits of Video Conferencing:

  • Stay Connected: No need to miss your meetings, attend them virtually!
  • ‘Expert in the room’ service: Can’t get to a customer to fix their issue? Offer ‘Expert in the room’ service via video call.

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Snow days are a part of life. And while they are delightful for kids, thanks to the world of evolving technology, they certainly do not need to be financially damaging or stressful for employers and employees alike!

To learn about these services and more that we offer contact the dbfb team today.

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