Smart Speakers to Dominate 2018!

Feburary 2018

No,no,no! Not people who talk, but speakers, you know the things attached to my gramophone, I mean amplifier, on the wall projecting sound…speakers!

Thing is now you can speak to them and they talk back, like the things on your mobile.  But these are called “smart” speakers because they are clever and can answer your questions in a flash depending on your speed of internet connection! (Here I go again speed, speed, speed; did you know Milton Keynes is to become the first U.K. City to have Gigabit speeds (over 1,000 megabits per second) to its homes? Could be time to move house with your fancy speaker?

So where did this amazing snippet of information about speakers come from? Our marketing guru Miss Chloe McGowan fed it to me, so she must have read it from a reliable source of journalism somewhere, probably fed by another reliable source within the smart speaker sales industry. I digress, and sarcasm is said to be the lowest form of wit. Sorry Chloe.
But really are we all going to go out and buy these things?

Can we not pick up our mobile telephone or tablet, which are always by our side, or are they so far from reach that we need to talk to our built in fixed speakers? Apparently that is exactly what we will be doing hence speakers will dominate 2018 in terms of sales.
Consumers are, apparently, craving digital centralisation; a convenient way to manage everything from as few devices and central locations as possible allowing us all to be lazy. With a voice command you can now find out and do almost anything!  Digital centralisation, the next step in making our lives easier.

Excuse me for just a moment:-

“Alexa, what is the temperature in Dubai?”

“The temperature in Dubai is 28 degrees celsius”

“Alexa when is the next flight to dubai?

…OVER and OUT (on my way to Heathrow)

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