Funeral planning for the death of ISDN

January 2018

I can’t say I read this article when it was released as I was merely 7 months old. However, it’s quite ironic that I found this, as nearly 30 years later, Sprint is the first US telco to switch off ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and “jump off the wagon”.

Of course, the UK is lightyears behind the US so we must wait a little longer, 2025 to be exact.

ISDN for many small to medium sized businesses is the preferred choice in connecting with the outside world and now more than ever it is the appropriate time to quash the myths and help you prepare for your ISDN funeral.

The Myth

Many businesses believe that the death of ISDN means you must move to the cloud yet the answer is you don’t. Whilst moving to the cloud is naturally the step a lot of businesses will take, and is a credible option, there are alternatives such as keeping your existing phone system and migrating from ISDN to a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) service.

So, what are your options?

Whilst using the internet in some way, shape or form to make telephone calls is your only option in connecting to the outside world, you do have choice in how your purchase your phone system or service and where you want this hosted.

Many organisations are naturally shifting to cloud with simplicity and resilience as key considerations. There is a place for on-premise technology if you have the expertise at your fingertips and cash available to make a purchase.

Funeral Planning for the death of ISDN – Top Tips

Connectivity – Both on-premise and cloud solutions will use bandwidth, check with your ISP (internet service provider) that you have enough to cover the additional demand.

QoS (Quality of Service) – make sure your internet circuit is QoS enabled to guarantee the quality of your calls.

SIP Enabled – if you are choosing to sweat your asset a little longer, before migrating to SIP check with your maintenance provider that the system is SIP ready.

Trusted – choose a partner that is credible and can demonstrate capabilities in this space.

Contracts – don’t be tempted to renew into long-term agreements for ISDN for short-term savings. ISDN will be completely phased out by 2025, most organisations will see this a lot sooner


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